The journey of a different software developer

As a materials engineer turned software developer, my journey has been quite different than most developers. I started coding with QBASIC around 7th grade with my 486, oen of the first complex piece of software I wrote was a 2D helicopter game of sorts. It had almost a rudimentary physics engine, the helicopters rotor that was just a line, exerted a force, the gravity exerted another force and from this inequality arose the acceleration either up or down, on forward backward depending on the tilt of the rotor. You manually had to adjust the lift of the rotor. Then I assigned a button to equalize the vertical components of the forces, so you could fly straight easily.

More interesting was the missiles that intercepted the helicopter. They were homing the helicopter, at first with a constant speed in the direction the helicopter. That doesn’t work, and they just orbit around. A speed proportional to distance? Doesn’t work at all. An acceleration that’s proportional to the distance vector? Better but still the missile had a hard time connecting with the target. The final solution was a force proportional to the distance, and the difference in velocities. More then 15 years later I realized that I had discovered PD control, variations of which I use a lot now.

My journey continued with Atomistic Simulation course in my masters study, led by our enthusiastic lecturer Kadri Aydınol. We coded an Atomistic Simulation system from scratch with FORTRAN.

The final milestone was at a time I was not really interested in coding. My best friend kept telling me about this new game engine and that I would have fun with it. So I started toying with it, made a lot of physics & vector math related assets and noted that very few people do such things.

For me mathematics and physics is inseparable from actual coding, and thats why I was fortunate to work with clients from all around the world. I dare to tackle problems that most developers do not get near.

Now I want to expand my reach by joining Toptal mobile app developers Network. Coding and researching takes all my time, I can hardly spare time to advertise my work or find new projects. I am hoping that joining Toptal can relieve me from that burden and join me with clients that need my services.

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